Net::SMTP::Retryable v.0.0.2


Net::SMTP is a Perl module that offers some automatic redundancy by allowing you to specify multiple hosts. On connection, a connection will be tried to each host until one succeeds. However, if you loose your connection, it is up to you to reconnect and resend your message. This leads to code which has reconnection and retries and usually ends up as a mess.SYNOPSIS use Net::SMTP::Retryable; %options = ( connectretries => 2, sendretries => 5, retryfactor => .25 ); $smtp = Net::SMTP->new($mailhost, %options); $smtp = Net::SMTP->new([ $mailhost1, $mailhost2, ...], %options); $smtp->SendMail(mail=>$from, to=>$to, data=>$body); $smtp->mail($from); $smtp->to($to); $smtp->data($body);

Net::SMTP is a Perl module that offers some ... Net::SMTP wrapper ...

  • Net::SMTP::Retryable
  • 0.0.2
  • Marc Prewitt
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 10 Kb
  • 166
  • Free

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