Net::DNS::Lite v.0.06


This module provides a replacement function for Socket::inet_aton , with support for timeouts.CONFIGURATION VARIABLES $Net::DNS::Lite::TIMEOUTmaximum time (in seconds) inet_aton will block (default: 10)$Net::DNS::Lite::CACHEif set, Net::DNS::Lite will cache the DNS responses internally using the supplied cache object. The cache object should support get, set, and delete functions (default: none)$Net::DNS::Lite::CACHE_TTLmaximum ttl of the cached entries (in seconds). Only has effect when $Net::DNS::Lite::CACHE is set.

This module provides a replacement function ...

  • Net::DNS::Lite
  • 0.06
  • Kazuho Oku
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 20 Kb
  • 207
  • Free

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