Mk-configure for Linux v.0.14.0


mk-configure is a lightweight easy for use replacement for GNU autotools, written in bmake (a portable version of NetBSD make) and POSIX tools (awk, shell, etc.). FreeBSD and OpenBSD make are not good. They are incompatible with NetBSD bmake. GNU make is not good too, it is completely incompatible with NetBSD provides a number of include files written in and for bmake and a number of standalone programs that should be installed to user's host for building a software.Here are some key features of "mk-configure":?’A· An easy way for building standalone executables, static and shared libraries written in C, C++, Fortran, Pascal and Objective C; .cat and .html files from man pages; .info pages from texinfo sources etc. LEX, YACC are also supported. Support for other languages are planned.?’A· Installing and uninstalling executables, libraries, scripts, documentation files and others. DESTDIR support is also provided.?’A· Integrated autoconf-like support for finding #include files, libraries and function implementation, function definitions, defines, types, struct members etc.?’A· A number of built-in checks for, e.g., system endianess, GNU bison or GNU flex programs and many others.?’A· Automatic dependency analysis built-in for C, C++ and Fortran (not implemented yet, will be available soon).?’A· Extensibility by writing bmake include files.?’A· Support for regression tests (see for the sample).?’A· mk-configure is small and easy. It is definitely much easier for use than GNU autotools, many people think that it is also easier than other competing projects like CMake, scons and others.

mk-configure is a lightweight easy for use ... mk-configure is a lightweight easy for use replacement for.

  • Mk-configure for Linux
  • 0.14.0
  • Aleksey Cheusov
  • Linux
  • Freeware
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