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MailBee POP3 Component is an all-in-one and very useful program which offers you an easy and quick way to download mail from POP3 servers in ASP, VB or any other ActiveX-capable application. It supports secure authentication on a POP3 server, full and partial download of messages (downloading headers), deleting messages, parsing and decoding messages into easy-to-use Message objects. Like all other MailBee components, MailBee POP3 can be extended with MailBee SSL/SMIME Component. This will enable full support of SSL/TLS connections (for instance, you can use it with GMail) and S/MIME.Major Features:POP3 Object:Supports secure authentication methods (including APOP, NTLM, MSN) during connection to POP3 serverCan retrieve all messages as a collection, retrieve only headers for each message, headers + part of message bodyCan retrieve any single particular message or (its headers)Can detect total message count in the mailbox, total size of all messages and sizes of every message. All of above does not require to retrieve messages or headersAutomatically parses retrieved messages and headers (decoding from base64/quoted-printable/uue, converting charset to windows code page, etc.)Automatically creates plain-text version of HTML formatted message if plain version is not available in the message itselfCan determine whether a message contains attachments when downloading message headers onlyCan delete messages from POP3 serverSupports logging POP3 session into the fileCan execute user-specified commands (SendCommand method)Ping method allows to implement "keep connection alive" function in your applicationsSupports event mechanism to track retrieval progress (and abort retrieval if needed)MailMessage Object:Available in all MailBee Objects packages (POP3, SMTP, Objects). Used as a main unit POP3 retrieval and SMTP sending methods operate withBecause SMTP object composes messages using Message object, all composing functionality of SMTP object also applies to Message objectIncludes collection of a message's attachmentsProvides access to custom message headers through GetHeader methodCan be created explicitly through CreateObject and then saved to disk or sent by SMTP objectAny content can be loaded to RawBody property (such as content of message file or attachment with message inside)RawBody operates symmetrically: when you set Message properties or call Message-affecting methods (such as AddAttachment), RawBody will reflect this changes next time you read it, when you load RawBody with new value, other Message properties such as BodyText are refreshedNo redundant refreshes on RawBody. If you sequentially change some Message properties, RawBody will be updated only when you read it, not after every changing Message propertiesRequirements:98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/200832/64 bit.

MailBee POP3 Component is an all-in-one and ...

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