M2Code for Java v.1.6.0


Building Java Enterprise applications is now easier and faster than ever. With M2Code for Java, experience the perfect combination of best of breed Model Driven technologies,generating 100% of your Java SOA applications, with advanced Teamwork features. M2Code for Javad-OC?D? is offering an integrated environment for UML models' elaboration, execution and automated transformation into Java applications (JSF / MVC Architecture / Hibernate).* Promotes quick learning with intuitive interface* Creates Diagrams faster than any Tool on the market* Visualizes your model in a few quick steps* Keeps your team in the express lane by enabling them to work on the same model in paralleldldc* Eliminates tedious document preparation with automatic report generation!* Extends UML capabilities beyond UML 2 -- in a snap* Enables speedy navigation through your models#* Service layer: Business Rules, application services and web services,* Presentation layer: User interface, user roles and security policies,* Persistence layer: Business Objects, DAO implementation, DAO finder.* Application is packaged and ready for deployment and execution.# Advanced MDA* Transformation of user friendly models into Java Web apps,* Template driven transformations,* Support UML Profiles definition to customize requirements# Agile methodology* add features to your business application through iterations.# Database modeling* Model database tables, columns, keys, foreign keys and other complex relationships using Embedded UML modeler and the inbuilt data modeling Profile,* Generate DDL scripts to create target database structures for leading RDBMS,* Model mapping from existing databases to business objects.

Building Java Enterprise applications is now ... Generation workbench for automating the development of Java applications.

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  • M2Code for Java
  • 1.6.0
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