HSS Core Framework v.4.3.200


The HSS Core Framework will extend the .NET Framework providing several key sub-systems that provide enhanced functionality and consistency to any product. By leverage the HSS Core Framework, you can reduce and simply any application development project.


Logging library:
· Log Service
· Log Component
· Log Viewer (GUI)
· Optionally writes to the HSSLOG Database for centralized logging
· Optionally writes to the Local Machine EventLog
· Data Access library: greatly reduces amount of code required to integrate a database into any application
Data Object Model Generator (DOMGen):
· Quickly generate object model code from SQL Objects (Tables, Views and Stored Procedures
· API built into the HSS.Data.dll for automated use
· Supports split files for separating Object Model and Data Access logic
· Split files also provides for sharing of Object Models between Client and Server
· Network library with full featured (RFC Compliant) SMTP and DNS Clients
· SMTP User Interface (GUI) with Tracing
· DNS Query User Interface (GUI) with Tracing
· Zip File/Folder Compression; based heavily on the DotNetZip library located on CodePlex (homepage
· Cryptography (AES) library
· Implements RSA Pulic/Private key encryption using keys from either the local machine or current user Certificate Store
· Supports predetermined shared key for simple encryption
· Certifcate store manager and test utilities (Support Vista/Win7 UAC)
· Windows Forms Component Model
· Windows Forms Docking (evolved from the DockPanel Suite by Weifen Luo)
· Special Timer class (HSS.Threading.Timer) for creating schedule based automation services

The HSS Core Framework will extend the .NET ...

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  • HSS Core Framework
  • 4.3.200
  • 19 May 12
  • Codeplex
  • WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
  • Freeware
  • 8.9 Mb
  • 544
  • Free

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