HLBClass v.1.0


REALbasic developers now have the power to create and manage a high-power hierarchical listbox. Easy to implement, easy to manage, with over 20+ methods added onto the standard listbox class. Now its time to create applications like you never have before. HLBClass is written from both a developers perspective and a users guidance. Taking into account what a user expects a hierarchical listbox to behave like. HLBClass was written as subclass of listbox, so you retain majority of the functionality youve come to expect with the addition of an easy to implement hierarchy structure. Because HLBClass was written using standard REALbasic methods and properties, that means it retains its cross-platform ability. Top that off with the world class support you receive from Colourfull Creations, or developer friendly upgrade policy, and you have a winning solution for you and your "future" customers.

REALbasic developers now have the power to ...

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