Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree for Linux v.0.50


Gtk2 has a powerful, but complex MVC (Model, View, Controller) system used to implement list and tree widgets. The Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree Perl module automates the complex setup work and allows you to treat the tree model as a more natural list of hash refs.After creating a new Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree object with the desired columns you may set the tree data with a simple Perl array assignment. Rows may be added or deleted with all of the normal array operations. You can treat the data member of the Simple::Tree object as an array reference, and manipulate the tree data with perl's normal operators. Each element is a hash reference containing (optionally) value and children members. value holds the value of the node while children is a array reference of futher nodes. (recursive)A mechanism has also been put into place allowing columns to be Perl scalars. The scalar is converted to text through Perl's normal mechanisms and then displayed in the tree. This same mechanism can be expanded by defining arbitrary new column types before calling the new function.SYNOPSIS use Glib qw(TRUE FALSE); use Gtk2 '-init'; use Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree; my $stree = Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree->new ( 'Text Field' => 'text', 'Int Field' => 'int', 'Double Field' => 'double', 'Bool Field' => 'bool', 'Scalar Field' => 'scalar', ); @{$stree->{data}} = ( { value => [ 'one', 1, 1.1], children => [ { value => [ 'one-b', -1, 1.11,], }, ] }, );

Gtk2 has a powerful, but complex MVC (Model, ... A simple interface to Gtk2's complex MVC tree widget ...

  • Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree for Linux
  • 0.50
  • Ross McFarland
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 10 Kb
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  • Free

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