Granite Data Services for Linux v.2.2.0 RC2


Granite Data Services (GDS) is a free, open source, alternative to Adobe LiveCycle (Flex 2) Data Services for J2EE application servers. Granite Data Services is not, however, a drop-in replacement: you won't be able to simply deploy a Flex 2 Data Services application into a Granite Data Services server without modifications. The main goal of this project is to provide a framework for Flex 2/EJB3/Spring/Pojo application development with full AMF3/RemoteObject benefits.GDS implements service factories required for:- EJB3 (Session Beans that return Entity Beans),Spring,- Simple Java classes (aka POJO) interactions.GDS is designed to be lightweight, robust, fast and highly configurable. While GDS is still in early development stage, you should be already able to use the current 0.3 version in non critical production environment.Here are some key features of "Granite Data Services":?’A· Full AMF3 support. See GDS AMF3 documentation.?’A· EJB3 services with transparent externalization mechanism and lazy initialized ActionScript 3 beans (Entity Beans / Hibernate). See EJB3 Services and Externalizers and Lazy Initialization.?’A· EJB3 Entity Bean to ActionScript 3 classes code generator. See AS3 Generation.?’A· Spring services. See documentation on Spring Services.?’A· POJO services (remote calls to simple Java classes that expose public methods). See Pojo Services.?’A· (planned) Data push. A Comet-like implementation with AMF3 data polling over HTTP (event/listener based architecture).?’A· (planned) Entity repository: a client side entity repository that ensures uniqueness (only one instance of each entity is present in the flash VM), weakness (only currently bound objects are kept in memory), and that acts as a services frontend (all server calls/events are managed by this central component). This will be loosely inspired by Cairngorm.?’A· (planned) Seam integration: a reliable GDS/Seam integration with full scopes (at least conversation) support.?’A· (planned) A set of Flex components suitable for complex data structures.

Granite Data Services (GDS) is a free, open ...

  • Granite Data Services for Linux
  • 2.2.0 RC2
  • Franck Wolff
  • Linux
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