Flowchart to Code v.1.0

Flow2theCode turn flowcharts into code. Make Programming easy for developers and beginers

Flow2theCode turn flowcharts into code. Make ...

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Other software of Will
  • Cerulean Portal System  v.b07The Cerulean is a highly flexible portal system designed to be used over the BBS phpBB.
  • Eternity Space Sim  v.1.0Eternity is a open source galaxy simulation. Features include realistic physics, extensive user interactivity and interoperability with external services such as the internet. Star locations are accurate to real life. Visit http://projecteternity.net ...
  • OpenRealms  v.1.0OpenRealms is a new open source online role playing game. With an C++/Irrlicht client, a C++/Stackless Python server, and a game world written in pure XML that can be created and extended quickly.

New Miscellaneous software
  • HelpNDoc  v. help authoring tool, easy and powerful, producing HTML help files, CHM, PDF, Word, iPhone, ePub, Kindle and QtHelp documentation from a single source. Write help topics in the built-in word processor, hit the Generate button: it's done!
  • ASP. NET PDF Generator  v.2021.3.1The primary function of Iron PDF for ASP.NET is the generation of PDF documents using HTML to PDF technology. In addition, Iron PDF can be used to sign PDFs, edit existing PDFs, and extract content such as text and images from uploaded PDF documents.
  • The .Net PDF Library  v.2021.3.1A .NET PDF library such as Iron PDF is a software library for C#, VB.NET, and other .NET Framework developers to work with PDFs generating PDFs, editing PDFs, and extracting PDF content within their applications. Supports .Net Core & .Net Framework.
  • OCR in .Net  v.2020.12.2Iron OCR (https://www.nuget.org/packages/IronOcr/) is a OCR .NET library allowing users to convert images and PDF documents back into text using the .NET Framework in C#, F#, or VB.NET. https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/ocr/technology/ocr-net/ ...
  • FloatBox Layout Control  v.1.0FloatBox Layout Control is project written in C# for painting to separate float dockable boxes (windows). It is possible to draw outside of float box region in contrast to solution with one main control and one or many child controls.
  • Forms Template Library (FTL)  v.1.0Forms Template Library (FTL) is a C++ library for developing forms and UI components based on the WTL library. It extends WTL (Windows Template Library) and provides a set of classes and Visual Studio addins for designing forms and from controls.