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Delphi for Win32 is the only IDE that supports creating native code applications compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. Delphi for Win32 not only allows you to develop on all three platforms, but also lets you deploy for any of the three. This gives you the flexibility to use the OS the best suits your needs, while still developing for other popular Windows platforms. Delphi for Win32 enables development of Vista supported applications from the familiar Win32 environment, easy creation of web applications that support AJAX, and streamlined enterprise database connectivity. New support for Windows Vista includes themed applications and VCL support for glassing, file dialogs, and Task Dialog components. New VCL for the Web lets you quickly and visually build interactive and responsive web pages and applications that support AJAX techniques. VCL for the Web embeds the low level technologies in visual objects so you dont need to know HTML, JavaScript, CSS, or HTTP, abstracting you from such details so you can focus directly on code and user interface. New dbExpress 4 database architecture streamlines database connectivity and adds support for the most recent versions of SQL databases. DBX4 is a single compatible native and managed code database infrastructure that simplifies the writing of data drivers and supports connection pooling. Delphi 2007 for Win32 speeds Win32 development by combining Delphis proven visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach for accelerated Win32 development with support for Windows Vista, AJAX, and streamlined database connectivity.

Delphi for Win32 is the only IDE that supports ...

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