DEKSI Net Remote v.3.4.7


DEKSI Net Remote is a .Net Cross platform and Cross device communications framework for PC's and PDA's. It is the most easy-to-use framework available on the market anywhere! It allows you to build advanced systems with a basic networking knowledge. It takes care of threading, GUI etc. Just a few lines of the code will create a very sophisticated system with capabilities unachievable with other frameworks:firewall transparency, bidirectional, broadcasting, connection through proxies, sync/remoting/async, chunked file transfer, dataset transfer, GPRS support and more! DEKSI Net Remote is a .Net bidirectional communication library for Compact Framework and is the best CF .NET communication product on the market. It offers outstanding performance - at least 15 times faster than webservices. The library comes with FastSerializer generator - the utility that generates extemely fast serializers. The framework is integrated with Visual Studio. Dragging the components from the toolbox will create an advanced bidirectional communication system. The actual code typing will be less than 8 lines of code.(see samples). No other setting is required (like complex XML files) The framework takes care of everything, including threading and interaction with GUI. Any serializable object can be sent across the network (not just byte array or string) The framework can send the object from the client to the server and from the server to the client without any limitation. Unlike standard Remoting that can not communicate bidirectionaly behind the firewall (proxy, NAT), DNR easily establishes the connection behind a firewall. The server can broadcast the message (the object) . Another option is UDP (object based) Broadcast. UDP protocol allows for the transmission without specifying the destination address. The framework is faster than web services by 20 times on average.

DEKSI Net Remote is a .Net Cross platform and ... .

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