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AutoAPOD is a great new system extension that allows your Mac OS X computer to instantly download a great Astronomy picture daily. Explore the beauty of the cosmos from the comfort of your own home or office. What is APOD? APOD stands for Astronomy Picture Of the Day. It is a web site hosted by a dedicated group of volunteers that wish to share the beauty of the skies with you. What is AutoAPOD? AutoAPOD is a two part program for your Macintosh that not only can fetch the "Astronomy Picture of the Day" for you, but also set it as your desktop backdrop. Who makes AutoAPOD? AutoAPOD was created by Colourfull Creations. Colourfull Creations is in no way associated with the talented individuals who run, or contribute, to APOD. We are just a team of programmers hoping to share the hard work of the APOD individuals with you. How much is AutoAPOD? AutoAPOD is free. Well, kind of. We hope that youll like the program so much that you would be willing to register your version. Registration not only allows you to sleep better at night but gives you the peace of mind to know that your supporting the further development of this program. Plus we also offer technical support to registered users. Registration is simply $5.00 You can register from inside the program or go to the Online Store for purchasing information. How do I find out more about APOD in general We encourage you to please visit the APOD website located at To learn more about APOD and the universe around you.

AutoAPOD is a great new system extension that ...

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