Altova DiffDog 2007 release v.3


Altova DiffDog 2007 is the dedicated differencing utility for developers and power users. This easy, powerful synchronization tool quickly compares source code or text-based files and any directories, then highlights differences in its visual interface. Merge content with a click of the mouse or open and edit files and folders, then instantly re-compare. Let DiffDog 2007 track down the differences in your development projects. In the development world, reconciling multiple versions of files and directories is a daily requirement. Whether you???re working with HTML files, Java source code directories, XML document frameworks, or any other collection of text-based files, managing multiple file versions in a team environment can be a taxing problem. Developers and power users need a tool for identifying differences quickly and easily, so that they can focus on more productive tasks. Imagine being able to compare source code files in an instant and merge changes with a quick the click of your mouse. Imagine visualizing the differences in two versions of a 30 GB directory instantly, then opening and editing different files side-by-side. And imagine being able to synch-up files on your laptop and desktop computers in a matter of seconds. Altova DiffDog 2007 is a very affordable tool that allows you to do all this and more. A new product in Altovas line of award-winning application development and data management tools, DiffDog 2007 is an advanced differencing utility for comparing and merging text files, folders, and directories. Additionally DiffDog 2007 provides unique XML-aware differencing functionality ?? a must for developers working with XML.

Altova DiffDog 2007 is the dedicated ...

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  • Altova DiffDog 2007 release
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  • Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000
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