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Adobe Flex 3.0 offers users a free yet extremely useful open source framework for building highly interactive, expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems. It provides a modern, standards-based language and programming model that supports common design patterns. MXML, a declarative XML-based language, is used to describe UI layout and behaviors, and ActionScript™ 3, a powerful object-oriented programming language, is used to create client logic. Flex also includes a rich component library with more than 100 proven, extensible UI components for creating rich Internet applications (RIAs), as well as an interactive Flex application debugger. RIAs created with Flex can run in the browser using Adobe Flash® Player software or on the desktop on Adobe AIR™, the cross-operating system runtime. This enables Flex applications to run consistently across all major browsers and on the desktop. And using AIR, Flex applications can now access local data and system resources on the desktop. Both Flash Player and Adobe AIR are available as a free download on You can accelerate application development with Adobe Flex® Builder™ 3 software, a highly productive, Eclipse™ based development environment, and AdobeLive Cycle® Data Services software, a set of advanced data services that can be used in Flex development. Both of these products are available for purchase.Major Features:Rich user experience: Flex allows web application developers to efficiently create highly interactive, expressive interfaces for web and desktop applications. Engaging applications built with Flex can reach more users, improve productivity and satisfaction, and generate increased profits.Cross-platform, accessible applications: Flex applications leverage the Adobe® Flash® Player 9 runtime. Installed on over 98% of Internet connected computers, Flash Player uniquely provides a consistent, accessible user experience across browsers and platforms. It is an enterprise-class client runtime with advanced vector graphics capable of handling the most demanding, data-intensive applications while performing at desktop application speeds.Adobe AIR integration: The new Adobe AIR™ client runtime enables rich Internet applications (RIAs) to run on the desktop, creating new opportunities for more engaging, high-performance online/offline applications. The Flex framework provides native support for the new AIR APIs, and Adobe Flex Builder™ 3 software provides all the tools necessary to build, debug, package, and sign applications built on Adobe AIR.Developer productivity: Assemble and build RIAs using more than100 rich, prebuilt application components. Use the powerful Eclipse™ based Flex Builder development environment to further accelerate development, debugging, and testing of web and desktop RIAs.Adobe Creative Suite 3 integration: The combination of Flex and Adobe Creative Suite® 3 software provides smooth, consistent workflows using best-in-class tools. Use Adobe Flash, Fireworks®, Illustrator®, and Photoshop® to create assets in native Flex formats. Use Flex Builder to easily import these assets into the interface of an RIA.Ease of use: Get started quickly with an extensive library of components, skins, containers, and application services. Use wizards to connect to existing web services or generate database connection code in Adobe ColdFusion®, PHP, ASP.NET, and Java™.Open source, standards-based framework: Flex 3 is available as open source software through the Open Source Flex SDK project. Flex provides a modern, standards-based language and programming model supporting common design patterns. You can extend and enhance the open source framework to suit your needs and contribute to the evolution of Flex.Advanced data services: Using open source BlazeDS, easily connect Flex and AIR applications to back-end, distributed data and Java server infrastructures to deliver responsive, real-time, data-driven user experiences deployed in the browser or on the desktop.Enhancements to existing projects: Add incremental richness by embedding micro-applications or components in existing websites, or revolutionize your entire user experience with immersive, single-screen applications, all with a single investment.Scalability: Flex is designed to scale from simple components in websites to full-blown browser-based or desktop applications. With its extensible prebuilt component library, Flex provides a broad solution for creating RIAs of all kinds. Developers can select data transport methods including support for XML over HTTP, Adobe's Action Message Format (AMF), or RTMP using Adobe LiveCycle® Data Services ES (formerly Flex Data Services).Enhancements:Full support for the Adobe AIR™ runtime makes it easy to create RIAs for the desktop.New integration with Adobe Creative Suite® 3 software helps designers and developers work together more efficiently.New and enhanced data visualization features, including the new Advanced Datagrid, enable even richer presentation of business data.New memory and performance profilers make it easy to optimize your application.Requirements:PowerPC® G4 1.25GHz or Intel processorMac OS X v10.4.7"10.4.10 or 10.51GB of RAM (2GB of RAM recommended)500MB of available hard-disk spaceJava Virtual Machine: JRE 1.5 or JRE 1.6 from Apple. NOTE: Flex Builder 3.0.2 does not run with Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1 / 64 bit Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_05.Eclipse 3.2.2 , 3.3 and 3.4 (for plug-in configuration)Adobe Flash Player 9 software*

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