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AContent 1.1 is a useful and effective open source learning content authoring system and respository created to create interoperable, accessible, adaptive Web-based learning content. It can be used along with learning management systems to develop, share, and archive learning materials. For those familiar with ATutor, AContent contains the content authoring, test authoring, and content interoperability features of ATutor, producing a standalone tool that can be used with any system that supports IMS content interoperability standards.Major Features:Public UsersRepository Search: Search the repository for public content.Browse Content: Browse through public content by category.Export Content: Export public content as standardized Common Cartridges, that include content, tests, and learning activities. Exported content can be imported into other systems that support the Common Cartridge standard.Registered UsersPublic User Features: All features available to public users are available to registered.Bookmark Content: Collect links to relevant lessons in the repository for future reference.Webservice Key: Create a public user to generate a Webservice key, and link AContent search, import, and export features into content management systems.Authors and Content CreatorsPublic and Registered User Features: All features available to public and registered users are available to authors.Elearning Content Authoring Tools: Develop rich elearning content.Test/Quiz Authoring Tools: Develop assessments to accompany your learning content.Activities Authoring Tools: Develop activities to accompany your learning content.AccessForAll Adaptations: Develop adaptations for content to accommodate the learning needs of many types of learners.Common Cartridge Import/Export: Import and export content created in AContent in Common Cartridge format. Bundle content, tests, and activities into interoperable content units.Content Package Import/Export: Import and export learning content in IMS Content Package format.QTI Tests Import/Export: Import and export tests or question banks in IMS QTI packages.AdministratorsUser Management: Create and manage users on the system, and control their access and authoring privileges.Group Management: Create and manage groups on the system, and assign group access privileges.DevelopersWeb Service API: Develop a Webservice interface in third party software to search, preview, import content from, and export content to the AContent repository.OAuth API: Authenticate AContent users using OAuth, creating a single sign-on between a host system and an AContent repository connected to it.Requirements:ATutor Requires:HTTP Web Server. (We highly recommend using Apache)PHP 5.0.2+ with the following libraries installed.MySQL - 4.1.10+See the System Software section of the site to download the required software.Database UserA database user account with the privilege to create databases is required if your database does not already exist. That same user will then need create table privileges as well. See the MySQL chapter How the Privilege System Works for additional information.Web BrowserATutor makes use of many current HTML features that are only supported in current Web browsers. Though ATutor will function effectively in older, or text only browsers, they strongly recommend updating your browser to a more recent version. Current versions of FireFox 2+, Opera 8+, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, and Google Chrome work well with ATutor.

AContent 1.1 is a useful and effective open ...

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