Macromedia Dreamweaver MX v.6.1


Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 6.1 provides you with such a great product which is able to create professional websites. It is now the easiest way to build powerful Internet applications. For the first time, you can work in a single environment to quickly create, build, and manage websites and Internet applications. Get visual layout tools. Rapid web application development. And extensive code-editing support. All in one complete, integrated solution: Dreamweaver MX.Dreamweaver MX version 6.1 includes performance improvements and enables collaboration with Macromedia Contribute. In addition, several outstanding issues discovered since the release of Dreamweaver MX have been addressed in this version. If you downloaded the English version of Dreamweaver MX from the Macromedia site after 12/3/02, then you have the Dreamweaver MX Updater for Contribute. Both the trial version of Dreamweaver MX and the electronic software download available for purchase on the Macromedia online store were updated on 12/3/02. Neither Dreamweaver MX version 6.1, nor prior versions of Dreamweaver, support the Unix file system on Macintosh OS X. The full installer of Dreamweaver MX will perform a complete installation of Dreamweaver MX, resetting your configuration to the default settings. The Dreamweaver MX 6.1 Updater (Macintosh only) may incorrectly identify the installed version of Dreamweaver MX as a Trial version. This can happen if you have previously installed the purchased version of Dreamweaver MX in the same location as the Trial version. In this case, when you then attempt to install the Dreamweaver MX 6.1 Updater, it may report the error: "The updater cannot update a trial version of Dreamweaver." To resolve this problem: in the Dreamweaver MX directory, rename the file VSetupT to VSetupT-Bak, then restart the Dreamweaver 6.1 Updater. If you are using ASP.Net in Dreamweaver MX, you should redeploy the version of DreamweaverCtrls.dll in Dreamweaver MX version 6.1 to your website(s). This resolves the following problem: some attributes of the MM:DataSet (for example, RecordCount) were invalid until the DataSet was initialized, and any use of the attributes prior to the Page_Load function resulted in an incorrect value being returned.Enhancements:Shared Contribute versioning system: Dreamweaver MX 6.1 uses the same simple versioning and page rollback system as Contribute.Integrated administration of Contribute sites: Dreamweaver MX 6.1 includes all of the site administration features available in Contribute directly within Dreamweaver, so you can modify settings without leaving Dreamweaver MX.Ability to send Contribute connection keys: Send encrypted connection keys to your content contributors right from Dreamweaver MX.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 6.1 provides you ...

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
  • 6.1
  • Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X
  • Commercial
  • 842
  • $399.00

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