SNMP4J Java SNMP API v.1.0.4e


SNMP4J is a free open source state-of-the-art SNMP implementation for Java™ 2SE 1.4 or later. SNMP4J supports command generation (managers) as well as command responding (agents). Its clean object oriented design is inspired by SNMP++, which is a well-known SNMPv1/v2c/v3 API for C++ (see

The SNMP4J provides the following features:

* SNMPv3 with MD5 and SHA authentication and DES and AES 128, AES 192, and AES 256 privacy.
* Pluggable Message Processing Models with implementations for MPv1, MPv2c, and MPv3
* All PDU types.
* Pluggable transport mappings. UDP and TCP are supported out-of-the-box.
* Pluggable timeout model.
* Synchronous and asynchronous requests.
* Command generator as well as command responder support.
* Free open source with the Apache license model
* Java™ 1.4.1 or later
* Logging based on Log4J
* Row-based efficient asynchronous table retrieval with GETBULK.
* Multi-threading support.
* JUnit tests (will be available soon)

SNMP4J is a free open source state-of-the-art ... SNMPv1/v2c/v3 API for Java. SNMP4J supports command generation (managers) as well as command responding (agents).

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