JDiskExplorer v.2.2

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Browse Remote Folders Easily With JDisk Explorer Software
Introduction To JDisk Explorer Software
JDiskExplorer software s a utilitarian tool which exercises with all primary characteristics of JFileUpload, be it instant compression or  progress bar or redirect after upload or heavy upload or cross web browser support and many more. This software is a JFileUpload supplement that offers an explorer-like forepart. It enables you to surf inaccessible folders and upload or download files and folders. The software will allow you to easily browse the files and folders without any difficulty and is so easy to operate that even a novice user will not find it difficult to operate it once he gets a hang of the software.

Salient Features
JDiskExplorer software tool will provide you with a remote host panel as well as a local host panel that offers you a comprehensive drivers list. You will be able to upload or even download files and folders and will able to rename, copy, create, delete your files and folders easily. You have the provision of choosing an optional authentication panel for your job when you use JDiskExplorer software. The software also provides you with the option of going for custom made commands that will help you effectively make use of the software. The software also provides its users with HTTP/HTTPS and FTP/FTPOS support.

Easy to use options, SSH Secure file transfer protocol support with SFTP add on, option to browse all files and folders privately and remote host panel are some of the features that drives a lot of people to go for JDiskExplorer software.

There is no doubt that JDiskExplorer software tool that is an add on of JFileUpload software has loads and loads of features that will help you easily browse, upload as well as download files and folders.

Publisher's Description

JDiskExplorer 2.2 is a useful tool which works with all main features of JFileUpload (on-fly compression, progress bar, redirect after upload, large upload, cross browsers support and more).It is a JFileUpload add-on that provides an explorer-like frontend. It allows to browse remote folders and upload/download files and folders. Major Features:Local host panel with a drives list.Remote host panel.Browse files and folders recusively.Rename, delete, copy, create and chmod (unix only) files and folders.Upload files and folders.Download files and folders.Transfer progress bar.Optional authentication panel.Custom commands.Requirements: Java™ technology

JDiskExplorer 2.2 is a useful tool which works ...

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