PrimalScript v.4.1


PrimalScript is the Universal Script Environment, featuring tons of features that make script editing easier. More than just a script editor for VBScript, Jscript, Perl, PHP, Python, ASP, .NET languages, Windows PowerShell, HTML, XML, Ruby, AutoIt, KiXtart, Batch, and more (over 40 languages total), PrimalScript offers true developer-class tools for scripting languages: An integrated debugger, a script packager, visual XML editor, visual query builder, integrated help, code completion, remote script execution, integrated graphical FTP client, multi-point project publishing, visual file comparison, source control integration, and more. When youA?re sizing up editors, keep in mind that the othersA? glamorous features are ones PrimalScript has had for years! ThatA?s why we say that PrimalScript is far more than just an editor.A? PrimalScript comes in multiple editions, allowing you to select the feature set that suits you best. And far from being a generic all in oneA? tool, PrimalScriptA?s features are closely targeted to specific audiences. If youA?re a Web developer, youA?ll find support for working with Web farms, integrated FTP publishing, source control connectivity (Visual SourceSafe, CVS, Subversion, and more), and more. Windows administrators will find WMI and ADSI wizards, remote scripting engines, script packaging, a VBScript debugger, live syntax checking for VBScript, Jscript, and Windows PowerShell, and substantial customized Windows PowerShell support. ActionScript developers will find full ActionScript support, a class viewer, and much more.

PrimalScript is the Universal Script ...

  • PrimalScript
  • 4.1
  • Alex Riedel
  • Windows 9X, ME, NT, 2K, 2003, XP, Vista
  • Shareware
  • 6.05 Mb
  • 277
  • $169.00

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