Omikron Basic v.8.50


Omikron Basic 8.50 offers you a powerful and comprehensive programming language that makes it quick and easy to write real BASIC programs as well as to build extensive applications. All of the important commands, operators, and functions are supported. Like in C, it is possible to pass pointers of variables and functions to procedures and other functions.You also have full access to all functions of the Macintosh operating system and can write your own libraries to extend the command set for special purposes. For people who don't want to bother with programming user interfaces, Omikron Basic provides automatically handled output windows with a V52 terminal emulation, which allows the simplest program to run in the multitasking environment of the Mac OS. Nevertheless, using the EasyGem library it is possible to provide your program with very sophisticated, graphical user interfaces. Other libraries are available for numerical, statistical, and complex number calculations, as well as for Assembler programming. The editor is very easy to use.Also included are the compiler, the source code debugger, and the library maker. The compiler is very fast and generates compact and highly optimized code. Processing times are short, so you can easily develop programs by modifying and testing them.Major Features:Syntax checking on inputColor-coding, sophisticated search and replace functionsMulti-window editing, symbol listingsMemory inspectionVariable inspection.

Omikron Basic 8.50 offers you a powerful and ...

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  • Omikron Basic
  • 8.50
  • Berkhan-Software
  • Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, Mac OS X PPC
  • Commercial
  • 5.6 Mb
  • 282
  • $170.00

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