Lite-C v.0.7


The purpose of this lightweight language is the quick and easy creation of multimedia or graphics applications, or 2D and 3D computer games. Its syntax is similar to C. So the source code of a lite-C program can also be compiled with any other C/C++ compiler. However, due to its native support of multimedia objects like sounds, images, movies, GUI panels, 2D and 3D models, game levels, and rigid body physics you can achieve results with a few lines in lite-C that would require hundreds of source code lines with other C/C++ compilers.

Lite-C is ideal when you don't want to concentrate on programming, but on the content. It's also ideal for learning programming. And for ambitous projects: lite-C supports DLLs and COM (Component Object Model), the Windows API, OpenGL, and DirectX. The lite-C package contains the development environment with editor, compiler and debugger, as well as many samples of DirectX, OpenGL, and other multimedia programs. A free 3D model editor for creating 3D content is also available.

Create games and applications easily. Quick, easy creation of multimedia, graphics applications, 2D and 3D computer games. Its syntax is similar to the C programming language, so the source code of a lite-C program can also be compiled with any other C/C++ compiler.

multimedia, games, applications

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