JDBC Explorer v.1.1beta1


Welcome to the JDBC Explorer home page. I am J.R. Onyschak, the author of JDBC Explorer. I have created this page to assist people in the use of JDBC Explorer as well as gathering feedback from users. This page will be filled out as time passes. I am in the process of creating documentation and putting together an easy to use release. Please bare with me as I get familiar with SourceForge and get my act together.JDBC Explorer is a Java application that allows users to query, insert, delete, and update an RDBMS. It can connect to any RDBMS that has JDBC 2.0 compliant drivers. Future PlansJDBC Explorer will be under constant development for quite a while. I currently am working on documentation, this web page, and putting together an easy to use release. Syntax highlighting History of commands Connections via datasources Table structure viewer ResultSet updates via table edits

Welcome to the JDBC Explorer home page. I am ...

  • JDBC Explorer
  • 1.1beta1
  • jonyscha
  • Linux
  • Freeware
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