Carbon Events Plugin v.2.8


Carbon Events Plugin 2.8 brings an innovative, versatile Realbasic plugin that allows users to access various Mac OS X features. Major Features:Access to the Font PanelAccess to a toolbar buttonScroll wheel supportlive window resizingAccess to the application Dock tile menuStandard Alert Sheet & Standard Alert supportAsk Save Changes & Discard Save Changes sheet supportFull application Service supportPut file dialog sheet supportQuit Event notificationComplete proxy icon support with icon dragging and window's path menuThe ability to get any folder by type & domainThe ability to set and get long file namesThe ability to respect the Dock.Get the current theme identifier.

Carbon Events Plugin 2.8 brings an innovative, ...

  • Carbon Events Plugin
  • 2.8
  • everyday software
  • Mac OS X
  • Commercial
  • 780 Kb
  • 147
  • $15.00

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