Bug Off v.1.0.1


Bug Off 1.0.1 is considered as a smart and useful debugger for PalmOS and MacOS applications, which runs on the Macintosh platform. In 2003, Palm developers that use the Macintosh platform lost the most popular integrated development environment available to them. This left many developers with a difficult decision, try to find a replacement IDE, switch from the Macintosh platform that they know and love to the Windows platform, or stop developing for the PalmOS.Thankfully, a very powerful open source package of tools was available called PRC-Tools to take the place of the abandoned development environment. PRC-Tools allows Macintosh users to continue to develop for the PalmOS. Unfortunately, PRC-Tools brings with it all the complexity of the command line, which while powerful, is not what Macintosh users are accustomed to. The crafty developers devised a way to use Apple's free Xcode IDE to act as a graphical front end to the PRC-Tools package.This solved almost all of their problems, except for the debugger problem. There was no graphical front end to the command line debugger. Trinfinity Software is attempting to fill this void with BugOff, which allows Palm developers on the Macintosh platform to control the PRC-Tools debugger from a graphical user interface. For Macintosh debugging, BugOff utilizes the open source gdb debugger command line tool available on the MacOS X Developer Tools CD. For Palm debugging, BugOff relies on the open source PRC-Tools development package. In particular, BugOff utilizes the m68k-palmos-gdb version of the gdb command line tool. For users that do not wish to compile the PRC-Tools package themselves, a pre-built package is available from Zenonez. BugOff gives you all the power of gdb in a graphical and intuitive interface plus additional time saving features including automatically saved breakpoints and scriptability.

Bug Off 1.0.1 is considered as a smart and ...

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