Dreamweaver Updater v.4.0.1


Dreamweaver 4.0.1 Updater fixes the following:Certain specific GIF files will no longer appear as distorted in Dreamweaver. Some users were unable to select text in Dreamweaver while other specific programs were running in the backgroundOther minor performance issues on Mac OS 9.1 have been fixedFTP will now use the transfer method specified by the user --either BINARY or ASCII. This means that Perl scripts will no longer be corrupted during FTP.For the FTP item, something like "FTP will now honor the ASCII or BINARY transfer mode indicated in the FTPExtensionMap.txt file. This means that .cgi and .htm files will, by default, use ASCII transfer mode." There was no file corruption going on, it just always transferred files in BINARY mode which means that the files were not altered at all.Change encoding of EUC-encoded templates and update files will no longer cause corruption.Context Sensitivity now works if you have more than one Reference book installed.Additional Dreamweaver support for Netscape 6. This includes Check Target Browser, and JavaScript Behavior updates. Specifically, behaviors now work correctly across frames in Netscape 6, Drag Layer works, as well as Set Text of Layers.Added a function dw.getNaturalSize( ) to get natural image size. The function dw.getNaturalSize( ) takes a file URL as an argument and returns an array or 2 integers (or null if the argument is not a valid local image URL)Fixes a number of issues with the current Dreamweaver integration with Visual SourceSafe (VSS). The Windows version of the updater fixes several problems with checkout, checkin, and Design Notes. The Macintosh version fixes these same problems as well as problems with the Shared Site Column feature and login dialog labels.Fixes a number of issues with the current Dreamweaver integration with WebDAV including problems with host headers, header case-sensitivity, design note encoding, use of illegal characters in connection data, port numbers, and unknown file sizes in the Site window.Requirements: Dreamweaver 4.0.

Dreamweaver 4.0.1 Updater fixes the ...

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