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AfterStep is a window manager for the Unix X Window System. Originally based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface, it provides end users with a consistent, clean, and elegant desktop. AfterSteps goal is to provide for flexibility of desktop configuration, improving aestetics, and efficient use of system resources. Whats New in This Release: * fixed handling of AvoidCover on window move/resize * changed default wharf geometry to go into upper left corner * upgraded AS version in anticipation of release * added ability to Wharf to kill swallowed apps by its PID. That seems to have resolved a problem with trayer app * fixed bug where if DesktopEntry was not found - there would still be an emoty wharf button * Fixed handling of ballons config parsing, Implemented support for ShowHints in WinList allowing for Name, IconName, ResClass, ResName * made ShowHints more generic option allowing iut to be used in other modules - started modifying WinList to make use of it * Implemented NoModuleNameCollisions in base config to make AS kill old instances of the module with same name * fixed installation as an alternative to use proper link name * cleanup of the stacking order code * implemented IgnoreRestack to adde finer grain to IgnoreConfig - IgnoreRestack will only ignore Raise/Lower requests from the client * fixed window list publishing to use new stacking_order vector * minor optimization of the alpha-blending code * added test container for mmx use * fixed MMX usage - required _mm_empty() after each mmx intrinsics use, Optimized window title change to not regenerate icon when not in iconic mode * Implemented support for root window having different color depth - blacxk background on 16bpp screens should go away, temorarily disabled mmx - it seems to ruin images sometimes * fixed color printing on 64 bit system * replaced mmx code to use gcc intinsics * updated paths for Propaganda images. * added folders in Menu Desktop/Pictures for Propaganda images. * fixed parsing of ARGB icons supplied by applications * fixed stacking order of mozilla dialogs - it creates group member dialog that is not a transient, and then it creates a transient, but transient for the main window - not the dialog, resulting in this last transient to be under first dialog * fixed handling of recursive transients, as is the case with mozilla - it was crashing AS and messing up stacking order

AfterStep is a window manager for the Unix X ...

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