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Abox project is a small Linux system for tight spots. The target space is from 8MB and up, to be run from a flash drive, a USB-Flash dongle, a CDROM or an old computer(or whatever). The system will be composed of a Linux kernel, busybox, and miscellaneous Debian stable binaries. The key concept here is that it is based primarily on pre-compiled binaries from an existing distribution. Debian stable is my choice for a base. It is small, a stripped down system. Its intended to be small. Not quite as small as a boot floppy, and not as big as 100s of megabytes. I expect to gain a number of benefits from working with pre-built binaries from an existing distribution. Stability of the system, well know source collection, no hassles with trying to recompile the world, etc. Also, extensibility of the system is an important goal. By working from existing binaries from standard packages, it should be easy to add new components or change as the need arises. My goal is to create some tools to help with building and organizing this small linux distro. I want to offer easy instructions on how to recreate, modify, or extend it. Its target will be embedded or limited space devices as a stripped down Debian/Busybox system.

Abox project is a small Linux system for tight ...

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