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Monitor Logs On Your Network Easily Through LogMeister Software
Brief Introduction
LogMeister software is an affordable log monitoring tool that will provide you with all the features to successfully monitor any log that your systems and applications produce, be it RSS or text logs or HTML or Event logs and so on. Some of the important benefits that you will get while using the software are: early recognition of hardware failures, instant uncovering of any security violations, notification of website downtime, taking care of web server log files, precise watching over for interesting items in RSS feeds and perfect error management across networks. LogMeister software tool is a centrally monitoring solution that will require you to not go for any other agents to monitor PC’s and servers. LogMeister tool is competent of supervising just about any log type and supports Windows and UNIX applications. There are two components that you will find in the LogMeister software product. The application program that runs in the frontend is used for viewing of the logs, analyzing the logs as well as for configuration purposes. The service components that runs at the background will check for network logs even if there is no one logged on to the host computer.

Key Features Of Software   
LogMeister is a comprehensive log reviewer with customizable supervising and appraisal characteristics. You will be able to apply potent filters to zero in on a particular point of concern, and combine data from manifold logs to ease time-line analysis. You'll be able to enforce multiple filters to confine logging to ad hoc entries, fix warning signals to be apprised by popup or e-mail message and many more. You are able to order LogMeister to check inbound data for certain standards and choose suitable process, like as releasing an onscreen alert, make out submissions to a log, mail SMS or bleeper alarms thru an email-to-SMS gateway, run a sound or show a popup window or obtain alerts by e-mails.

Log data can optionally be replicated to LogMeister software's internal store for integration, considering and analytic thinking process. You will be able to assign a restrain on the computer storage size in which case the most previous details will be cast aside to create way for fresh ones. Whenever you bid to hold on to huge volumes of information indefinitely you'll be able to export filtered out or worked on log data to a database of your preference, or export it in an across-the-board assortment of formats including custom-made formats. It is feasible to have LogMeister file away information on requirement, fitting in to a schedule or while an internal store accomplishes an assigned size. LogMeister software is competent enough to monitor all standard and present log types like DNS server, directory service, file replication service; text logs; XML logs, firewall logs; RSS feeds and custom event logs.

The LogMeister software log viewer exhibits amassed log data in an orderly, comfortable to read format. Supervised logs could be assorted into groups for effortless management - just pick out a log from a list to show its information and then enforce an assortment of mixes, filters, sorts, and transmutations to assist you nail tokens of pursuit. You will be able to produce total feeds with information blended from multiple logs to serve with timeline analysis across networked computing machines. Satellite Windows provide you to maintain eyeshot of one or a lot of logs on exhibit although the principal application program window is reduced or revealing a different log. This grants you to look at manifold logs at the same time or apply an assortment of filters and sorting to produce contrasting eyeshot of the identical data.

LogMeister software will permit you to turnout refined or natural log data from your integral electronic network in an assortment of formats according to diverse initiations like a particular upshot falling out in a log, an internal data store accomplishes a defined capacity and on requirement according to a specified agenda. This makes it lenient to circulate information, produce reports or export information to a database or into analysis application programs like as Crystal Reports. You will be able to even bring out your logs as live RSS feeds.

A single installation of LogMeister software can be utilized to supervise several logs, personal computers and hosts as your system and electronic network resources permit. There is no necessity to set up agents on supervised personal computer, or to buy extra licenses. It is hard to foretell how many logs could be supervised with a single induction of LogMeister software tool as a great deal hinges upon acquirable system and network resources, size of logs, regularization of log entries and elected configuration backgrounds.

With features like single installation to take care of various logs on a network, view, filter and sorting of log data pretty easily, raising alerts when certain entries appear, live and scheduled monitoring, instant comparison of log file data, running scripts options and so on make LogMeister software one of the best in its class.

If you are looking out for a powerful one stop solution to monitor as well as analyze any type of logs on your system and applications centrally, then LogMeister software is one tool that is really worth trying out. With ah host of log monitoring features and an easy to use and intuitive interface, you will definitely like what you see in the software.

Publisher's Description

LogMeister is a powerful solution to centrally monitor and analyze virtually any log your systems and applications can generate including Event Logs, text logs, RSS and more. It can be used for many purposes, including early detection of security violations and hardware failure, detecting website downtime, application and system debugging, error management across networks, monitoring of web server log files, or even watching for items of interest in RSS feeds. LogMeister will alert you to critical events throughout your network, facilitate central archiving of log data and assist with analysis and meeting audit requirements. As LogMeister is a centralized monitoring solution there is no need to install agents on monitored PC's and servers.

LogMeister gathers information from logs throughout your network. Incoming data is scanned to look for entry patterns of interest. If these are detected LogMeister can perform a variety of actions and alerts including sending email, writing to log, running scripts, batch files or applications and displaying popup messages and sound alerts.

The LogMeister log viewer presents gathered log data in a consistent, easy to read format. You can merge data from multiple logs for easier timeline analysis, filter, sort and reorganize columns, and create multiple views of the same data. At the click of a button you can export a view in various formats including text, csv, xml, formatted HTML reports and RSS feeds.

Data can be exported in a variety of formats (text, csv, xml, formatted HTML reports and RSS feeds) according to various triggers. This makes it easy to import data into a database or into analysis applications such as Excel or Crystal Reports. You can even publish your event logs as RSS feeds.

Centralized Log Monitoring Tool. LogMeister is a powerful solution to centrally monitor and analyze virtually any log your systems and applications can generate including Event Logs and text logs and RSS. It can be used for many purposes.

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  • LogMeister
  • 4.2.1
  • 15 Jun 13
  • Technology Lighthouse
  • WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win2000, Windows2003, WinServer
  • Shareware
  • 7.83 Mb
  • 901
  • $179.99
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
4.2.1 15.06.2013 - FIXED: A recent change could result in a fatal UI problem when running the front end on 2003 server and Windows XP. This has been corrected. The service was unaffected.
4.2 16.05.2013 - ADDED: test action in notification wizard now grabs most recent record to use as test data. - ADDED: Uses additional network enumeration to catch more machines - FIXED: Corrected error in view filter logic.
4.0 23.04.2012 - Collected data is now held in SQLite databases. - Improved event log parsing. - Improved notifications - greater flexibility. - Filters can now be applied to scheduled reports - New report option: export to SQLite database - Rules for filters can now be copied/pasted/saved/loaded. & more!

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