Jigsaw License Manager v.1.0


Licensing engine for Eclipse and Eclipse RCP...Efficient management of the licensing aspect...for closed source Eclipse RCP applications and Eclipse Plugins...secure...reliable...flexible... easy...Protects your Software...Secure License Management in Eclipse...No-Brainer for Closed Source Commercial Applications. Multiple levels of encoding..Secure Digital Signatures, Encryption...Validation...Eclipse applications can create or verify application licenses which are bound to users, systems or any other entity...Licenses can be perpetual or temporary (valid within an arbitrary period)...Shareware applications can configure secure on-demand creation of free trial period licenses...The authenticity of licenses is assured by using the digital signature mechanisms provided by the Java Security API...A password protected Java keystore holds the private and public keys used for signing and verifying licenses...Privacy of installed license content is maintained by using the password based encryption mechanisms provided by the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE)...Client applications can leverage simple-to-implement extension points that define the licensing behavior...The 'License Management' perspective is integrated into the Eclipse IDE, allowing you to manage licenses while developing your client application...An SWT based license management wizard is provided to allow easy license installation/verification for users...Long time persistence, portability and efficiency is achieved by creating XML based certificates and compressing them...The code is internationalized, currently supporting English...More languages are expected soon.

Eclipse & RCP License Management Engine. Licensing engine for Eclipse and Eclipse RCP...Jigsaw License Manager aims to enable efficient management of the licensing aspec...for closed source Eclipse RCP applications and Eclipse Plugins...secure...reliable...flexible... easy.

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  • Jigsaw License Manager
  • 1.0
  • Jigsaw Software
  • WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Vista
  • Commercial
  • 686 Kb
  • 336
  • $199.00

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