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JDataConnect enables your organization to quickly connect Java applications to data sources for which only Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) database drivers exist. Now Microsoft Access, Excel, Microsoft Visual Foxpro, Clipper and other data sources can be leveraged from Java. JDataConnect adds a critical server component to traditional "desktop databases" and provides flexibility, performance, data security and stability. Software developers with the need to support multiple databases, including Oracle, DB2, and Informix can select JDataConnect as a common data server. At the time of deployment, a simple ODBC configuration enables your Java application to run seamlessly on nearly any database platform. JDataConnect is a high performance, scalable and robust type 3 JDBC driver for servlets, EJBs, JSPs, applets and Java applications. JDataConnect supports a wide variety of data sources including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Excel, FoxPro, DB2, Informix, Sybase, Ingres, dBase, Interbase, Pervasive SQL and many more. JDataConnect also provides a range of features such as secure (SSL) JDBC and HTTP tunneling that can only be provided using a JDBC type 3 architecture. JDataConnect is a fully-featured type 3 driver for accessing data sources from Java applications. With a powerful and scalable server component, JDataConnect enables your desktop databases to participate in your entire enterprise. JDataConnect offers connectivity to legacy database systems by bridging the connection from JDBC to ODBC. JNetDirect remains committed to providing the industrys best support for Java connectivity for Microsoft SQL Server products. JDataConnect is a robust type 4 driver that currently executes millions of transactions daily for SQL Server applications worldwide. No other product offers the breadth of support for Microsoft SQL Server and the commitment to JDBC standards as JDataConnect.

JDataConnect enables your organization to ...

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