DbForge Fusion for Visual Studio 2008 v.3.1


dbForge Fusion for Visual Studio 2008 3.1 is a simple to use, yet sophisticated add-in designed to simplify the MySQL database application development process.It integrates into CodeGear Developer Studio, making all database development and administration tasks available from your favorite IDE. It provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements, query and manipulate data in different ways.Major Features:Integration with the most popular IDEsAll database development and administration tasks available from your IDESQL Editor, database object editors and other editors behave like usual IDE documentsHelp integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .Net and CodeGear RAD Studio1 Integration with dotConnect for MySQL and MyDACDrag'n'drop objects onto form and dataset designersComponent editors extended with additional commandsMySQL ConnectivityMultiple database connections in Database Explorer windowAsynchronous connect to server with cancel featureSupport of all MySQL server versions 3.23-6.0Direct access to MySQL server without client librariesSupport of UTF-8 databasesSupport of SSL/SSH/HTTP connectionsWork with MySQL embedded serverSchema Object ManagementVisual editors for tables, columns, indexes, and viewsConvenient editor for foreign keysPartitioning support in a table editorVisual editors for triggers, events, and user-defined functionsCombined editors for stored procedures and functionsAbility to browse schema objects in a single editor (pin document)Duplicate object featureCustomizable DDL generation wizardSchema object search based on a variety of parametersSummary window for quick browsing of schema object propertiesData search on a live databaseMulti-selection in Database Explorer for batch operations on schema objectsAdvanced SQL EditingSQL editor with syntax coloring, bookmarks, and text searchingCode outlining with support of user-defined collapsing regionsNavigation bar for jumping between object definitions within one documentDocument Outline window for quick navigation on large scriptsCode templates libraryQuick access to favorite templates from SQL editorContext-sensitive code completionParameter information for stored routinesQuick information about schema objectsOne step access to a schema object editor from codeAutomatic SQL syntax checkSQL formatting on-the-fly in editorWizard for batch SQL formatting of files on diskDynamic help on MySQL accessible from the editorSQL Execution and Data ManagementExecution of scripts, selected SQL fragments, and statementsExecute Script Wizard for quick and convenient execution of large SQL scriptsExecuted SQL historyAsynchronous execution with cancel featureExecution plan toolTransaction supportData editor with in-place filtering, grouping, and sorting optionsPaginal data access for large result setsGraphical card view for data editorLarge objects (LOB) editorText search in data editorData printingAbility to postpone sending of data updates to the server (Cached updates mode)Data export wizardCustomizable data export to widely-used formats: CSV, DBF, HTML, MS Access, MS Excel, ODBC, PDF, RTF, Text, and XMLDatabase Designer Visualization of tables, views, and stored routinesEasy access to database objects to view and edit their properties, retrieve data, execute stored routines, etcSupport for IDEF1X and IE notationsCustomizable diagram look and feel with skin supportSmart diagram layoutDiagram export to different image formatsSearching database objects on diagramOrganizing diagram shapes with containersCustomizable diagram printing with a rich set of optionsOptional displaying of table constraints, indexes, and triggersIntegration with Document Outline windowDiagram navigation with Diagram Overview windowNotes for adding your comments to the diagramVisual Query BuilderThe state-of-art diagram with zooming and keyboard supportPreview and printing of the diagramQuery outline (displayed in Document Outline window)Visual editing of sub-queriesCopy/Paste for tables on a diagramExpression builder for creating complex conditionsUndo/Redo supportSaving queries to a fileStored Routine and Script DebuggingSupport of procedures, functions, and triggersSingle-click debug engine deploymentStep-by-step executionBreakpoint managementCall stack navigationWatches window for variable evaluationEvaluation of variables when debugging a scriptServer Administration and Maintenance Security Manager to administer user accounts and privilegesQuick access to object privileges from Database ExplorerSchema export and import wizardsTable maintenance wizard for check, analysis, repair, and 1 optimization of tablesServer objects flush dialogSession managerService control for starting and stopping MySQL serversServer Variables windowSchema Comparison and SynchronizationAbility to compare a database with a databaseAbility to compare a database with a projectSynchronization between different server versionsComparison results filteringSchema synchronization script generationPer object viewing of DDL differencesObjects exclusion from synchronizationSave and load comparison settingsData Comparison and SynchronizationComparison of large tablesOptional view comparisonCustom comparison keys supportOption for BLOB data comparisonFiltering of comparison resultsSchema synchronization script generationPer record viewing of data differencesExclude tables and records from synchronizationSave and load comparison settingsDatabase ProjectNew project wizard with import from an existing databaseProject Explorer window for managing project filesObject View window for browsing logical project structureExport of project files into one scriptReference checking while buildingMultiple build configurationsSingle-click project deployment on the serverDatabase object refactoringSchema comparison tool integrationWorkspace savingCustomizable User InterfaceRich user settingsCustomizable window layoutTool windows with 'auto-hide' and 'float' modesMultiple shortcut schemes with full shortcut customizationSyntax highlight customizationTabbed groups for documentsToolbars customizationAbility to browse schema objects in a single editor (pin document option)Wizard for exporting/importing user settingsEnhancements: Support of multiple database project deployment connectionsNow you can set different connections for project configurations. These connections allow you to deploy the same database project to various servers. You get more freedom in handling the project. For example, you can test the project on one server and deploy the final version to another one.Incremental database project synchronization with the serverNow when you apply the project changes to the server, you can deploy only the required ones and be sure that no data on the server will be lost as during the usual deployment. This feature is a good contribution to database development.Database object dependencies supportedIn prior versions the Generate DDL, Schema Export, New Project Wizard, Schema Synchronization wizards generated SQL scripts paying no attention to object dependencies. Now all objects in SQL scripts are generated based on object dependency sorting principle. For example, if View 1 refers to View 2, View 1 will come first or tables will follow those tables which refer to them.This ensures that the generated SQL scripts will be executed without errors and you won't loose your time for additional code editing.Optimized SQL editor performanceSQL editor performance has been greatly increased due to optimized parsing of SQL scripts. You can open and edit large SQL scripts quicker. Moreover, to speed up your work, automatic switching off SQL editing features in large SQL scripts is implemented.Filter toolbar in Error List windowFilter toolbar is added to Error List window to show the quantity of errors, warnings, and messages. Also it filters the list of records, so that you can access the records of the selected type in one click.Sample database project added to the installationLearning the structure and peculiarities of database projects has become easier. A sample database project, based on MySQL database Sakila, is added to the installation. Using the sample, even beginners will quickly get the idea and start working with projects successfully.

dbForge Fusion for Visual Studio 2008 3.1 is a ...

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  • DbForge Fusion for Visual Studio 2008
  • 3.1
  • Core Lab Software Development
  • Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows Me, Window
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