DotConnect for Oracle v.10.1.1


dotConnect for Oracle is an enhanced data provider built over ADO.NET architecture and a development framework with a number of innovative technologies. With state of the art ORM solutions such as Entity Framework and LinqConnect, it introduces new approaches for designing applications and boosts productivity of database application development.

Key Features:
* Flexible Connectivity. dotConnect for Oracle can connect both through OCI and directly over TCP/IP. Applications written with dotConnect for Oracle do not require installation of Oracle Client software.
* Database Application Development Extensions. dotConnect for Oracle has a rich set of design time tools that leverage the development process greatly. Particularly, there are convenient design time component editors, wizards and managers, toolset for live data binding, and much more.
* Oracle Advanced Features Support. dotConnect for Oracle allows developers to harness full capabilities of the Oracle server. dotConnect for Oracle supports such Oracle-specific features as Advanced Queuing, Alerts, Pipes, Direct Path Loading, Change notifications, REF cursors, objects, packages, and others.
* dotConnect for Oracle offers enhanced ORM support with a bundled visual designer for ORM models - Entity Developer with support for Model-First and Database-First design approaches and flexible T4 template-based code generation for the model. dotConnect for Oracle supports Entity Framework v1 - v6.4 and Entity Framework Core 3.1, NHibernate, and LinqConnect - Devart's own ORM solution, closely compatible to Microsoft LINQ to SQL.
* Workflow Foundation Support.
* BIS Support. dotConnect for Oracle supports Reporting and Analytics services and offers Source and Destination Data Flow components for Integration Services
* Support for ASP.NET Identity 1 and 2
* Sync Framework Support
*.NET 7 compatibility

You can always find the latest version of the product on the official Devart website.

Advanced ADO.NET data provider for Oracle. dotConnect for Oracle is an enhanced ORM enabled data provider for Oracle that builds on ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing Oracle-based database applications.

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  • DotConnect for Oracle
  • 10.1.1
  • 01 Mar 23
  • Devart
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server, Windows Other
  • Shareware
  • 85.95 Mb
  • 2523
  • $159.95
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
9.16 25.01.2022 *The behavior is changed: turning off the "Save connection to" option in Model Settings of EF Core Model wipes out connection string literal from the generated code. *Mapping of internet/intranet data type System.Uri to Oracle string data types is supported in EF Core 3, EF Core 5, EF Core 6.
9.15 21.12.2020 *The type converter of the OracleTimeStamp structure is improved for converting to/from DateTime and DateTimeOffset *Entity Framework 6.0.1 is supported * NetTopologySuite 2.4.0 is supported in EF Core 3, EF Core 5, and EF Core 6
9.14 03.12.2020 Support Entity Framework Core 5
9.13 17.09.2020 * Spatial Data is supported for EF Core * Full-Text Search and Database-specific Functions are supported for EF Core * Monitoring Improvements. The new version allows configuring DbMonitor in more details and significantly decrease performance loss from monitoring.
9.12 16.07.2020 * SSH is supported in the Direct mode
9.11 20.02.2020 * Query Result Change Notification (QRCN) is supported * SQL Server Integration Services 2019 (SSIS 2019) is supported * SSL/TLS is supported in the Direct mode * OCI Multiple Homes is supported in .NET Standard 2.1
9.10 23.12.2019 * Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 Preview is supported * Entity Framework 6.4 is supported * Entity Framework Core 3.1 is supported
9.9 24.10.2019 * Entity Framework Core 3.0 is supported * Entity Framework 6.3 is supported
9.8 13.09.2019 *Entity Framework 6.3 Preview 9 is supported for projects with target framework .NET Core 3 or .NET Standard 2.1 * Entity Framework 6.3 Preview 9 is supported * A new NuGet package Devart.Data.Oracle.EF6 with a .NET Standard 2.1 assembly, compatible with .NET Core 3, is added
9.7 11.04.2019 *Visual Studio 2019 is supported *OS authentication is supported in the Direct mode
9.6 21.06.2018 *Entity Framework Core 2.1 is supported *Query type support is added *Lazy loading for Entity Framework Core 2.1 is supported *Properties now have the Constructor Parameter property *The 'Include Environment Variables' and 'Json File Base Path' properties are added
9.5 30.10.2017 - .NET Standard 2.0 is supported - .NET Core 2.0 is supported - .NET Standard 2.0 compatible assemblies are added to the Devart.Data and Devart.Data.Oracle NuGet packages - Distributed transactions are supported - The OracleDataAdapter and OracleCommandBuilder are implemented
9.4 25.05.2017 - .NET Core is supported - The NuGet packages with .NET Standard 1.3 (.NET Core) compliant assemblies are uploaded to - The Default Fetch Size connection string parameter, which specifies the number of rows that will be transferred across the network at a time, is added
9.3 16.03.2017 -Visual Studio 2017 is supported -Entity Framework Core 1.1.1 is supported
9.2 08.12.2016 *Entity Framework Core database-first support *JSON functionality support in Entity Framework *Oracle Advanced Security support in the Direct mode *The 'Do not install assemblies in the GAC' check box that allows disabling placing the provider assemblies to the GAC is added to the Install Wizard
9.1 09.06.2016 Entity Framework Core Support OracleLoader Improvements Performance Counters, Transaction Guard, HA (High Availability) Events support Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is supported in SSIS DataFlow components Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools Business Intelligence (SSDT-BI) project templates in VS2015
7.9 05.09.2013 * Native SSIS Data Flow Source and Destination components are added
7.8 18.07.2013 * SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services is supported * Support for Entity Framework Spatials
7.7 04.04.2013 *Workflow Foundation 4.5 is supported *LINQPad integration is supported for LinqConnect *Entity Developer is updated to version 5.5 and contains new templates: MVC Controller, MVC View Advanced, Data Transfer Object, Data Transfer Object, Data Annotation Metadata *Current templates are improved
6.50 06.09.2011 * Fluent Mapping support for LinqConnect models that allows to get rid of designing or writing XML mappings * Extended enum type support in Entity Developer * Entity shape coloring, selection-driven highlighting, application and diagram skins in Entity Developer
6.30 17.05.2011 * New Entity Framework 4.1 features Code First(fluent mapping) and DbContext API were supported with new DbContext template with fluent mapping generation. * Template system was significantly improved. * Many Entity Framework provider configuration options were added, for example Batch Updates.
6.10 27.01.2011 Entity Developer: * Added possibility to split model into several diagrams for better handling of large models * Supported automatic generation of sequences and triggers for Autoincrement properties Entity Framework * Improved performance for Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 1 integration

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