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KMetronome is a MIDI based metronome using the ALSA sequencer.The intended audience are musicians and music students. Like the solid, real metronomes it is a tool to keep the rhythm while playing musical instruments.It uses MIDI for sound generation instead of digital audio, allowing low CPU usage and very accurate timing thanks to the ALSA sequencer.Report problems, bugs and feature requests to the author or the tracking system at SourceForge project siteFeatures * Easy to use KDE graphic user interface. * MIDI only. Can be used with software- or external MIDI synthesizers. * Based on ALSA sequencer. Provides input and output ports. Very accurate timing. * Custom rhythm patterns. * Highly customizable parameters. * Built-in connection manager, can be used with external connection managers. * External control: play/stop/continue commands, can be controlled using D-Bus or MIDI Realtime System messages. * GPL licensed

KMetronome is a MIDI based metronome using the ...

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