TrueViewO Domain Modeller for .NET v.1.02.2008


Use C# or VB.NET to write POCO-like entity classes, and let TrueView auto-generate interactive prototypes from them. You can immediately interact, test, and refine your design.This powerful capability makes it quicker to demo your class designs and get feedback from your domain experts.You can also generate potential database schemas using the included TrueView DataBridge utility. Features at a glance...Design & Development * Supports both C# and VB.NET * Use simple POCO-like entity classes * Use attributes to provide behaviour * Faster development cycle * Reduced code maintenance * Create working models before adding database and security functionalityUser Interface * Dynamic form rendering engine * Powerful 'explorer' style views * Flexible window layouts * Flexible query editor * Drag and Drop * Undo and Redo * Online help from code comments * Visible audit trailData Persistence * Integration with MS SQL Server & NHibernate * Transparent data access - no more SQL! * Dynamic query execution * Can be integrated separately * Use TrueView DataBridge to build mapping and schema files in secondsSecurity & Authorisation * Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory * Single sign-on for any TrueView application * Use existing Active Directory roles & members * Audit logs for every application * Can be integrated separately * Use TrueView Enforcer to build security repositories in seconds

Use C# or VB.NET to write POCO-like entity ...

  • TrueViewO Domain Modeller for .NET
  • 1.02.2008
  • Evolving Software
  • Win XP, 2003, 2000, Vista
  • Shareware
  • 3.6 Mb
  • 287
  • $74.50

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