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A collection of MFC classes to implement a Socks ServerThe SocksSvc provides a collection of MFC classes to implement a Socks Server. The idea behind SocksSvc was originally to learn about the Socks protocol and how it is implemented on Win32.The classes which constitute SocksSvc are:CSocksServerSettings: This class contains the settings which are used to configure the Socks server. Example member variables in this class include the port to listen on and the valid protocols to support. If you are developing a stand alone socks server based on SocksSvc, you could for example store all the variables for the CSocksServerSettings instance in an ini file or in the registry.CSocksServer: This is the actual class which implements the Socks server. It has a number of very simple functions to allow you to control the state of the socks server such as Start and Stop. Internally a background thread is spun off to handle the client connections.CSocksClient: This class is used in the CSocksServer class to handle client connections. It handles the parsing of client requests and returning the appropriate response. A number of virtual functions are provided to allow end user customisation.

A collection of MFC classes to implement a ... SocksSvc 1.

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