Silverlight Gantt Control v.3.0


Silverlight Gantt ChartsProudly introducing the rich and interactive Gantt control for Silverlight! Natively built in Silverlight for blazing performance and highly professional look and feel and a very simple and intuitive programming modeBring the next generation user experience to your web based project management applications using the GanttControl for Silverlight. From Microsoft Windows to Apple Macintosh, and from IE to Safari, extend the reach of your rich web based applications as never before. Be prepared to be blown away by the rich, familiar, intuitive and high performance programming model and user interactivity.Built by developers with years of component development experience, your projects have never been in better hands. Easily integrate and deploy our controls and libraries with just a development license and no runtime royalties what so ever.The GanttControl fully exercises the power of the Silverlight platform and extends you very rich and customizable visualization and interactive capabilities with great graphics and animation.Written natively for Silverlight, the control is light weight and high performing. Unlike ASP.NET and other web based solutions, itd-deOaos very rich! But, it also provides the cross platform support with support for varying browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, etc, you name it!)Easily bind a database table or for that matter any list with the GanttControl. Mapping your data source fields to the controld-deOaos is easily done declaratively in XAML. Binding to ADO.NET data services based data sources is fully supported.Easily edit task information in a hierarchical Grid or in the Gantt Chart. Simply resize or move the tasks horizontally to change its start position. The control will also round up the edited times to customizable friendly times.

Silverlight Gantt ChartsProudly introducing ... Silverlight Gantt Charts.

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  • Silverlight Gantt Control
  • 3.0
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win98
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