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The control was developed to be the stated version of Microsoft Rich TextBox Control 6.0 using Rich Text Edit Control DLL of version 4.0.993.4, which is the last version working properly with non-unicode non-English text.The control and DLL renamed on RichTx31.ocx and RichEd31.dll, and therefore they not interfere with a Rich TextBox Control currently installed in your Windows. You may use this control and your regular Rich TextBox Control (from the file RichTx32.ocx) together in the one application and on the one Form.When you create and distribute applications that use the RichTextBox control, you should install the appropriate file in the customer's Microsoft Windows SYSTEM subdirectory. The Setup Wizard included with Visual Basic provides tools to help you write setup programs that install your applications correctly.NOTE:You can use this software royalty-free for private (non-commercial) purposes.

The control was developed to be the stated ... You may use this control and your regular Rich TextBox Control ...

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