RTP AV Source Filter v.1.2.638


The RTP AV Source Filter can be preconfigured in either debug mode using a graphedit and a property page or via a C interface during runtime.Data then arrives on the preconfigured endpoints and is depacketized, decoded and pushed into the filter graph as uncompressed streams.RTP AV Filter Source automatically adjusts to the number of CPU-cores in your system, to distribute its workload in an optimal fashion. Thus it scales well for future many-Core enviroments.Even though having fantastic decoder performance values, this data is only meaningful if it were the only component involved. Streaming an MPEG4 video (720x404@25) and Audio with AMR-NB (12.2) and feeding it into the RTP AV Filter Source, averages at around 7% CPU usage.

The RTP AV Source Filter can be preconfigured ... Automatically adjusts to the number of CPU-cores in your system ...

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