Quick Objects Data Source For ASP.NET v.3.5


Quick Objects Data Source For ASP.NET is a powerful and very flexible control. The control extends the power of the Business Logic Framework and the developer can perform complex searches, inserts, updates, deletes without writing a single line of code. The Data Source control allows the developer to have complete granular control (just like the business logic framework) and the developer can control the visibility of the fields, control what fields will be used in insert or update. It automatically leverages any customized logic that a developer may have applied to the business objects. It also extends a full event model allowing the developer to gain more control of the underlying business object at varios stages or during the execution of different commands. The Data Source control automatically utilizes the paged query support of the Business Logic Framework and extends the same power to all data bound controls that support paging. The Data Source control parameters support all the standard parameter types available in standard ASP.NET Data Source controls, and adds a new parameter type. The new parameter type allows you to attach a parameter to a property on the page or user control. Quick Objects Data Source component can work in disconnected mode as well and if the underlying business object's state is changed to disconnected, all the insert/update/delete commands will only affect the local data on the client, and the changes can be sent to the database at a later time. In addition by capturing the data source events, further control can be excersized on the underlying business objects including creating joins with other objects and specifying additional criteria.

Quick Objects Data Source For ASP.NET is a ...

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  • Quick Objects Data Source For ASP.NET
  • 3.5
  • Akal Tech
  • WinXP
  • Freeware
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