Profense SDK v.1.00


Simple APIs of Profense SDK include powerful functions: multi layer packet filter (transport layer and channel layer), system services monitor (SDT monitor), IDT monitor, GDT monitor, LDT monitor, registry and filesystem access monitor, NT object manager monitor, filesystem filtering interface, executive objects monitor (processes and threads), executable objects monitor (executable images and sections), state-of-art hidden executive objects monitor (SMM based), abnormal activity monitor (SMM based), abnormal activity monitor (VMM based, including VMX SVM interfaces), executive objects manipulation interface (using for hidden objects in-memory heuristic search), Patch Guard manipulation interface (using for internal purposes), interface for search of non-exported symbols in kernel environment, real-time instruction tracer interface (using for catching suspicious interception of system services), interface for heuristic detection of exploits (any kind of exploits, Trojans and viruses), IRP_MAJOR procedures monitor (using for proactive defense`s purpose), hardware interrupt monitor (IRQ monitor, using for lowlevel control of system activity), journal and history logger interface (applicable to any kind of monitor), transport layer network monitor (TDI based filter), low-level network monitor (NDIS based), TcpIp protocol suite (using for avoiding any malicious interception of network traffic), driver - application communication interface (with two simultaneous channel type - Command channel and Data channel, which renders asynchronous interface to communicate with kernel modules), virtual address manipulation interface (search and enumeration of VAD list on per-process basis), finite state machine for behavior-based detection (proactive defense decision module), network firewall interface with flexible rule system (ALLOW/DENY/CONTENT_BLOCK/CONTENT_MODIFY methods on any active network interface).

Simple APIs of Profense SDK include powerful ... Profense SDK is a professional SDK for fast developing of security applications ...

firewall, antivirus, antimalware, antispyware, layer, system, monitor, interface, based, activity, network

  • Profense SDK
  • 1.00
  • WinXP, Win Vista
  • Commercial
  • 81 Kb
  • 166
  • $50000.00

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