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Supported Languages. ParseWare will work with Borlands Delphi versions 4,5,6 and 7. For those not using Delphi, weve created the ParseWare API. The API is a Windows 32-bit DLL that wraps all of the ParseWare functionallity. Any language capable of calling Windows DLLs will be able to use the API. Weve also included a wrapper to the full ParseWare API for Visual FoxPro. Audience. This software is not intended for everyone. A majority of the dictionay data and programming logic is based on our experience in the direct mail industry servicing the United States. For example, the city parser will look for a valid U.S. zipcode and state abbreviation to accomplish its objective. The same goes for the address parser, it will search for standard spelling and abbreviations in the input stream to trigger certain program logic. ParseWare Dictionaries. At the heart of the ParseWare library is the dictionary. The dictionary contains a variety of data used by the different parsers. The dictionary is organized in contexts. A context is a group of related entries. For example, there is a context named "Genders", this context contains entries used by the name parser to genderize a name. The dictionary can be customized and tested using the PDM program. PDM PDM is a program that allows you to customize the dictionaries that ParseWare uses to identify tokens in the input string. Read more... Name Parser The name parser is used to parse a name field into separate components. It will also Identify the type of name being parsed and return the gender of the person

Supported Languages. ParseWare will work with ...

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