NetXtremeEmailVerifier Component v.1.3


NetXtremeEmailVerifier is a versatile component for validating email-addresses. It allows you to add email address validation to both .NET WinForm and WebForm applications. Developers are able to detect invalid email through validation syntax, check bad or accepted email addressed with Black List and White List. By setting validation level to its maximum level, email address will go through 6 checking levels: address syntax, black and white lists, Mail Exchange records, Smtp Connection and Mail box. Furthermore, developers can verify email-addresses by using multiple-threads through the system thread pool.Key Features * Verify email addresses up to five levels of validation, from syntax check to querying accounts on mail server. * Verify email addresses with a single method call (EmailVerifier can verify email addresses in DataTable, DataSet, IDataReader or IList). * Verify email addresses in a list file (email addresses are delimited by character ;, or space). * HTTP Connect, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A and SOCKS5 proxy servers support. * Supports Multilingual: you can customize log messages in EmailVerifier via LocalizationSettings property. * Alows you to write verification log to a stream. * Retrieve mail exchange servers (MX Records) associated with an email address. * Auto detect DNS servers in your network. * High Performance internal MX cache: DNS queries are expensive and EmailVerifier has an option allowing you to cache the MX Records that have been determined for further use. * Includes fully configurable classes for regulating DNS and SMTP connections. * Fully supports both event-driven (asynchronous) and blocking (synchronous) application designs. * User-interface events to process during synchronous use. * High-Performance Multithreaded verification: EmailVerifier allows you to use multiple threads to verify email addresses with only one line of code. * No knowledge of SMTP or DNS protocols is required. Encapsulated classes provide theory of operation.Support * Royalty free run-time. * 1 year minor and major product updates. * Full Windows Vista support. * Supports Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Delphi 8, C# Builder and other compliant development environments. * Supports Drag/Drop integration within Visual Studio. * EmailVerifier can run under both .NET Framework 2.x and 3.x. * EmailVerifier can be used from ASP.NET web pages, Windows Forms and Web Services..NET Technology * 100% managed code written in C# (Complete source code included in the Gold License with Source Code). * CLS compliant (Common Language Specification). * Object-oriented design created specifically for .NET Framework version 2.x and above. * Does not use unsafe blocks for minimal permission requirements. * Seamless integration with the .NET base class libraries. * Documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio .NET. * C# and VB.NET samples included in the setup package show how to work with EmailVerifier.

NetXtremeEmailVerifier is a versatile ...

  • NetXtremeEmailVerifier Component
  • 1.3
  • Safabyte
  • Win Vista, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Shareware
  • 6.6 Mb
  • 204
  • $99.00

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