MultiThread Delphi Component v.1.0.2


MultiThread Delphi Component 1.0.2 is considered as a convenient and useful application which is a non visual class that helps creating multiple threads for example for creating a multi threaded thumbnailer or any other task that needs many threads. You specify a max. thread count and simply add work to the class and when the work is ready a callback event is called with the result.Major Features:PropertiesThreadCount:tcAutomatic: Automatically fires at most "number of CPU cores" * 2 threads.tcManual: Manually set the maximum number of threads to fire at a time. Use ThreadCountManual property to set the max. thread count.ThreadCountManual: Only used if tcManual is set. Specify maximum threads to run at the same time.ThreadPriority: The spawned threads priority. Note that the control thread always runs at tpNormal.Active: True if .Start has been called and control thread is running and ready to accept jobs, False otherwise.MethodesStart: Run the control thread and start accepting jobs.Stop: Stop the control thread. No new threads will be run. Already running threads will continue to run.StopAllThreads: Stop all running threads, clear the job (work) list, no new threads will be started. Inside the ThreadWorkerCallback check the thread's .Terminated property to get notified about a thread termination. Also you have to free the Data class if you detect a terminate.EventsThreadMessage: If message is sent from the thread with the thread's SendMessage(Message1, Message2: TObject) function it arrives here.Sender: The TMultiThread class that calls this event.Message1: The class that was sent as Message1.Message2: The class that was sent as Message2.Do not forget to free the classes before exiting this event!ThreadResultsCallback: When a thread finishes it's work this event is called.Sender: The TMultiThread class that calls this event.Data: The Data that was given as the work. Use this class to identify the job.Results: If Results was assigned to a class, you get the assigned Results class here.ThreadWorkerCallback: This is the function that will be runned inside a thread. Be carefull what you do as for example VCL is not accessible here, so do not modify VCL controls inside here. All things that apply for threads in general applies here too.Thread: The thread class the function is called in.Parameters: If you specified a Parameters class for the TMultiThread component you get the Parameters class here.Data: The Data that was given as the work. Use this class to identify the job, type-cast it to your own class implemented.var Results: Is nil by default, create a class and assign it to Results after the work has been done. You will get this class back in ThreadResultsCallback.Requirements:Win32 (9x/ME/2K/XP/Vista/W7)

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  • MultiThread Delphi Component
  • 1.0.2
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