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MP3::Icecast is a Perl module to generate Icecast streams, as well as M3U and PLSv2 playlists. SYNOPSIS use MP3::Icecast, use MP3::Info, use IO::Socket, my $listen_socket = IO::Socket::INET->new( LocalPort => 8000, #standard Icecast port Listen => 20, Proto => tcp, Reuse => 1, Timeout => 3600), #create an instance to find all files below /usr/local/mp3 my $finder = MP3::Icecast->new(), $finder->recursive(1), $finder->add_directory(/usr/local/mp3), my @files = $finder->files, #accept TCP 8000 connections while(1){ next unless my $connection = $listen_socket->accept, defined(my $child = fork()) or die "Cant fork: $!", if($child == 0){ $listen_socket->close, my $icy = MP3::Icecast->new, #stream files that have an ID3 genre tag of "jazz" while(@files){ my $file = shift @files, my $info = new MP3::Info $file, next unless $info, next unless $info->genre =~ /jazz/i, $icy->stream($file,0,$connection), } exit 0, } #a contrived example to demonstrate that MP3::Icecast #can generate M3U and PLSv2 media playlists. print STDERR $icy->m3u, "n", print STDERR $icy->pls, "n", $connection->close, } ABSTRACT MP3::Icecast supports streaming Icecast protocol over socket or other filehandle (including STDIN). This is useful for writing a streaming media server. MP3::Icecast also includes support for generating M3U and PLSv2 playlist files. These are common formats supported by most modern media players, including XMMS, Windows Media Player 9, and Winamp.

MP3::Icecast is a Perl module to generate ...

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