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The most simple and easy way to internationalize your Delphi application. Localizer can use both standard resource DLLs or specially created language files format to store localized resources (string data mainly). It processes all parts of your project which should be localized (forms, resource strings, etc.) and does not change your projects source code. Start to work with Localizer now and in 15-20 minutes your program will support as many languages as you (or your customers) wish. The support for additional language(s) can be added "on the fly" - without recompiling the project. One .EXE file - many supported languages. Additional languages can be added without recompilation, Localizer can use both standard resource DLLs or special "language files" format to store localized resources, It does not require to create project group with many sub-projects (as in ITE), Freely distributed utility - Language Manager - allows to separate the development process from the translation, Requires minimum addition of code or does not require it at all. So your application size does not actually grow, Localizer does not change your project: no any additional components on the forms, function calls instead of your string constants and so on. You can compile you project without Localizer installed and it will work fine, Processes resourcestring section, Translates VCL and any third-party tool/package resources, Easy to start: you can test how it works on your existing project immediately after installation of Localizer, Language Repository helps you to store translations and reuse them in the future, Supports all third-party components and packages (like DevExpress, TurboPower, ElPack, RX, etc.), Easy switching from Borlands ITE (Integrated Translation Environment).

The most simple and easy way to ...

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  • Localizer
  • 3.8.0
  • Korzh.com
  • Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 6.5 Mb
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