Layout Architect v.1.0


Layout Architect is a suite of native .NET components which allow you to implement highly complex form layout logic without writing a single line of code. Layout Architect significantly reduces form design time and preserves from control overlaping while changing fonts,sizes,localization etc. and also provides a perfect mechanism to automatic control reallocation during form resize. Layout Architect gives an alternative, more flexible way to manage controls locations and sizes and achive high quality form design. Layout Architect is the first professional LayoutManager tool for .NET WinForms. Product features:100% native .NET framework managed components written in C#. 100% compatable with Visual Studio.NET No conflict with standard Dock/Anchor paradigm. You can use both standard layout and Layout Architect in single form No constraints to container controls types - you can use it with any standard control (Form,Panel,GroupBox) as well as with 3rdparty controls Make you form layout independent from font/control/form sizes and localization. Easy to use. Just put LayoutArchitect component on the form and set additional controls properties provided by it. Automatic label positioning. Just put ArchitectLabel on the form and set "LabeledControl" property value to attach label to the control. You can also customize relat

Layout Architect is a suite of native .NET ...

grid, data grid, treeview, tree view, hierarchical grid, column, cell, node, row, rows, nodes

  • Layout Architect
  • 1.0
  • Nine Rays Net
  • Windows 2000, 98, Me
  • Shareware
  • 34 Kb
  • 198
  • $96.00

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