Language Recognizer Control v.6.03


The LanguageRecognizer ActiveX Control can be used to fit a most likely character set for given text. The control has a number of predefined languages. It attempts to determine the text's language on the grounds of statistical regularities of the text.When a fitness rate for every of predefined languages is less than 1, the control adds new record to its internal language table inheriting to predefined language with maximal rate. Then you may change the newly added language's character set so as it will show researched text properly. The control will permanently keep new data; this means, the control will recognize also another texts on the same language (certainly, if the source text was enough long).You use the LanguageRecognizer control in your application by adding it to a form and setting its properties. At run time, the control is invisible; the control is still active, and therefore the you can still write programs that can interact with the control. At design time, the control is displayed as an icon on a form. This icon can't be sized.When you create and distribute applications that use the LanguageRecognizer control, you should install the appropriate file in the customer's Microsoft Windows SYSTEM subdirectory. The Setup Wizard included with Visual Basic provides tools to help you write setup programs that install your applications correctly.NOTE:You can use this software royalty-free for private (non-commercial) purposes.

The LanguageRecognizer ActiveX Control can be ... Can be used to fit a most likely character set for given text.

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  • Language Recognizer Control
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