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jmxterm (JMX terminal) is a command line based interactive JMX client. It's designed to allow user to access JMX from command line without graphical environment. In another word, it's a command line based jconsole.Here are some key features of "jmxterm":+eTE Standalone+eTE jmxterm only depends on JDK 1.5+ at runtime. Internally it depends on other third party libraries but those libraries are nicely wrapped with the ready-to-run uberjar package. You don't need to worry about how to setup dependencies.+eTE Platform neutral+eTE Similar to most Java applications, jmxterm is platform independent+eTE Download and run: The executable jmxterm is wrapped with uberjar file, which runs out of box with java -jar jmxterm-#-uber.jar command once it's downloaded. There's no configuration, directories, environment variables or file permissions that need to setup. Check out Download and Run for more details.+eTE Interactive+eTE Unlike cmdline-jmxclient , jmxterm is called interactive. User can do complicated series of small operations in interactive console.+eTE Self documented: In jmxterm, every command is explained with usage page and examples. -h and --help option applies to every command line command. You may also find many examples in One Minute Tutorial and User Manual .+eTE Shebang+eTE jmxterm can be used as a script interpreter under unix environment. Take a look at Manual for more details.+eTE Local processes: jmxterm is aware of all local JVM processes running on localhost and is able to connect to them even if the process isn't started with JMX arguments. For now, this feature only works when jmxterm is called with jdk6 and the process to monitor runs from jdk6.+eTE Password auth+eTE jmxterm allows user/password based authentication for JMX login+eTE Script embed: For complex logic, jmxterm itself doesn't support any sequence control expression but it can be integrated with script language such as Perl

jmxterm (JMX terminal) is a command line based ... jmxterm 1.

alpha, 4 1 of the mysql client library, command, line, based, interactive, user, environment

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