JBullet v.20090628


JBullet is a simple library that features most of Bullet 2.70-beta1 base characteristics. Some features are still missing though.Here are some key features of "JBullet":dlTE 100% pure Java port, native libraries are used only for OpenGL access in demosdlTE Ported most of Bullet 2.70-beta1 base featuresdlTE Supported shapes: static plane, box, sphere, capsule, cylinder, cone, convex hull, compound shape, static and moving triangle mesh, uniform scaling shapedlTE Supported joints: generic 6-DOF, cone twist, hinge, point2point, sliderdlTE Vehicle supportdlTE Distributed under ZLIB license (same as original Bullet)dlTE Software OpenGL-like renderer in applet demodlTE Uses JStackAlloc for stack allocation of value objects

JBullet is a simple library that features most ... Java port of Bullet Physics Library ...

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